Worst Performing Stocks [Podcast]



What if some losers on the market weren’t bad stocks but buying opportunities? Wouldn’t you like to capture some? Here are dividend growth stocks that show strong fundamentals but still got killed by the market this year. Which one is on your radar?

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You’ll Learn

  • The market has changed since the beginning of the summer. It looks like the bear market is already over. There are still indicators of a recession, which brings some good companies down.
  • Stanley Black & Decker (SWK) is down almost 50% since the beginning of the year, but Mike continues to consider it solid with its iconic brand, and solid balance sheet.
  • Aecon Group (ARE.TO) and Savaria (SIS.TO) are two growth-oriented small caps. Have they been punished too hard by the market or should you avoid those in a challenging environment?
  • VF Corporation (VFC) and Nike (NKE) evolve in the clothing industry, but in different ways. Do these brands are losing their glow? What should investors expect?
  • We could have made the episode entirely about tech stocks since they were hit so hard! Lam Research (LRCX) and smaller Canadian companies like Sylogist (SYZ.TO), Tecsys (TCS.TO), and Enghouse (ENGH.TO) can still offer some great returns in the upcoming years. Mike explains why he still believe in them.
  • GoEasy (GSY.TO) makes the market afraid despite its impressive performance.
  • We end the episode with a curve ball for Mike. How does he explain that most of the Best Performers were not among his favorite picks while many of the worst ones are?

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