What Would Make Mike Switch Strategies – ETFs vs Dividend Growers [Podcast]



For this classic time of the year, we hit a classic topic. An investor recently asked Mike: What Would Make You Switch strategies? What an interesting angle to explore! Learn the differences between ETFs and Dividend Growth Stocks structure and investment strategy, and who they are made for.

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You’ll Learn

  • What are ETFs and Dividend Growth Stocks? How do they differ in terms of structure and investment strategy?
  • How do the risks and returns of ETFs compare to those of Dividend Growth Stocks?
  • ETFs provide instant diversification. How does this compare to the diversification achieved through a portfolio of Dividend Growers?
  • What about income? Can ETFs generate as much income as Dividend Growth Stocks?
  • Are tax implications similar for ETFs and Dividend Growth Stocks?
  • Do ETFs and Dividend Growers react similarly to market conditions? Are they equally volatile?
  • Every time an investor asks Mike why you chose dividend growth investing over ETFs, his answer is that he likes picking his own stocks and controlling what is in his portfolio. Why is it a better choice, and who is it made for?
  • Now, let’s discuss what would make Mike change strategies. Is age a good factor?
  • What about passing on his investment to his children or spouse? Would that make him change strategies?
  • Is a market crash a good time to review your investment strategy and change it?

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