Smith Manoeuvre: Borrow, Invest, Create Wealth [Podcast]


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How about turning your mortgage into a tax-deductible debt? Borrowing to invest and then create wealth seems pretty smart, right? But it doesn’t come without risks. Fortunately, following these guidelines will help to make sure your plan doesn’t become a nightmare.

The DSR Portfolio Workbook is a great tool for investors who’d like to set up a Smith Manoeuvre portfolio. Set up your criteria for this strategy, download it for free now!

You’ll Learn

  • 01:43 What is the purpose of the Smith Manoeuvre, how can we define it exactly?
  • 03:56 Is it always a good idea to use your home equity to invest? Is wealth building worth risks like panic selling, debt, or losing equity? And why is the Smith Manoeuvre considered a long-term strategy?
  • 08:10 How the biggest advantage of Smith Manoeuvre is not the tax-deductible part, but rather compounding interest.
  • 11:15 Which impact could raising interest rates have on a Smith Manoeuvre portfolio?
  • 15:03 What would a perfect leverage portfolio look like? Which types of investment should investors look into, and what about yield?
  • 16:34 Why are dividend growers a good choice? Could investors use ETFs in a Smith Manoeuvre?
  • 19:34 Investing 100% in equities seems to be the best option for investors. Why is it so?
  • 21:03 A Smith Manoeuvre portfolio should be as diversified as any other. However, there are a couple sectors that are best suited for this strategy: financials (banks), utilities, telecoms and REITs.
  • 22:34 How to buy stocks in a Smith Manoeuvre?
  • 24:01 Which stocks to buy in for a Smith Manoeuvre? See Mike’s suggestion in the table below to start making your own research!
Energy Utilities REITs
Telecoms Financials Others

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