Best Income Stocks 2024 – Part 1 [Podcast]



Looking for income? We’ve got you covered! In this part one of the Best Dividend Income Stocks for 2024, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of 7 companies in 4 different sectors.

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You’ll Learn

  • First, let’s describe what a safe income dividend stock is to Mike and his criteria for selecting them.
  • It seems easier to find high yields in Canada than in the US. Mike gives us an explanation.
  • The REIT sector is normally good for finding income stocks as they must distribute most of their income. In the US, we can think of Vici Properties (VICI). VICI is a triple-net lease REIT focused on Casinos. Its stable business model ensures it has a place on our list.
  • But with all the economic uncertainties, isn’t buying a REIT based on leisure and spending riskier? What other potential downsides face VICI?
  • Another REIT worth mentioning is Realty Income (O), a highly diversified REIT in terms of tenants, industries, geographies, and property types. This classic income play REIT shows an occupancy rate of 99%!
  • Realty Income is among the five REIT members of the S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrats. However, investors should expect little capital appreciation. Why is it so?
  • The healthcare sector also shows some of the best income stocks on the market. Why are healthcare stocks actually showing higher dividend yields?
  • Among our list is Pfizer (PFE). Mike describes his investment thesis for this one, relying on international sales and recent acquisitions.
  • Many investors were concerned about PFE in 2023 as its stock price greatly declined. Is Mike worried about it, and what should investors expect in the short term compared to the long term?
  • Another company part of our Best Income Stocks list is AbbVie (ABBV), a dividend aristocrat. ABBV added new drugs to its pipeline, which makes it more diversified.
  • As is often the case with healthcare companies, patent renewals can significantly affect AbbVie’s results. What else should we be aware of?
  • We end with some of the Brookfield companies. These Canadian companies trade on the US market and pay their dividends in US dollars. Mike discusses Brookfield Asset Management (BAM), Brookfield Infrastructure (BIP), and Brookfield Renewable (BEP).
  • Why should investors select these utilities instead of pure American plays?


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