Who is Vero and How Does She Invest [Podcast]



For this episode, Mike and Vero switch chairs! Who is The Dividend Girl? What is Vero’s background, how did she start investing, what types of stocks appear in her portfolio and how does she select them? This is what she’ll share with us today!

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You’ll Learn

  • Vero introduces her and discusses how her family background influenced her relationship with money.
  • Working at a young age for her parents, the co-host quickly learned to focus on her strengths and made sure to get a good education.
  • Vero explains how her work-life made her realize her true priorities and shaped her work and family balance vision.
  •  The investor shares how she entered the financial world alongside Mike and built her portfolio.
  • What are the co-host investment goals? Which stocks is she the most proud of and which was a mistake?
  • As she invests with her husband, Mike asks Vero how the couple deals with this and what kind of discussions does it create?

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