Video of the Week: DSR is Turning 5!


Again, this week’s video is not a regular stock pick and I’ve got a pretty good reason for it! My baby, Dividend Stocks Rock, will turn five in a couple days! This video explains why I created this website and how I think it helps investors finding rock solid dividend growth stocks. It is also a big thank you to those who have been following me all these years, either here or on DSR! There will be more to come, I promise. ?


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00:01 Mike Heroux: Hey fellow investors, this is Mike Heroux from Dividend Stocks Rock, I hope you’re doing well today ’cause I am doing amazing. I am super proud to value tell you DSR will turn five years old on December 9th. Yeah, it’s been five years that Dividends Stock Rock has been helping thousands of investors. It’s a big milestone, because most businesses don’t even survive those five years, the first five years of its very existence, and DSR did not only survive, but thrive through it. And then, our membership has grown and improved through time, and now we’re serving over 1000 members. It’s been a big deal.

00:47 MH: So back in 2013, I was in Saint Louis with one of my friends, my partner, actually, in this adventure. And we were attending FinCon, which is a financial blogging conference where bloggers and media meet, exchange marketing and content strategy to improve their blogs, to improve their business. And between two conferences, I received an email from Jeremy, the former author of The Dividend Guy Blog, the blog that we purchased in 2010. And the guy has built a great website with a great infrastructure, but just didn’t have time to make it a business. That was the beginning of Dividend Stocks Rock. So he sent us an email asking if we were willing to buy the infrastructure and build the membership, finish his work, basically. Start from scratch, but with a solid foundation, and then help investors building their own investment thesis, their own investment process and finding quality dividend-paying stocks.

01:50 MH: So a few months later, on Halloween’s Day, on October 31st, we built our portfolio models and we started tracking them. I’m very proud to say that, in the past five years, none of our Dividend Stocks Rock portfolios has shown a dividend cut. All our companies actually increased their dividend year after year. And this is because we have a strong investment process behind it, we keep track of everything, we update those portfolios on a quarterly basis, and this probably explains a lot of our success. On December 9th, 2013, we opened the doors to the public, so it was the first time that members could actually pay us to receive our financial newsletters, look at our portfolios, and get our stock reports. I was quite anxious about it, because I’ve been blogging since 2006, and I had my share of success, but also of failures, and I was not sure if my readers were ready to pay for a membership website. But the answer was great, and it was anonymous, people loved it, and I still have lots of members that are with us today, five years later. So that’s a huge proof of trust and success, and I’m very proud of that.

03:13 MH: So now, DSR is not only a membership website helping investors throughout their investing journey, it’s more like a place where you can learn how to fish, ’cause I’m not the next stock picking guru, I’m not the next Warren Buffett. My goal is to teach you how to fish, teach you how to build your own investment thesis, your own investing process, and select the dividend stocks that you want in your portfolio with great success, while you can avoid dividend cuts as well. Throughout the years, DSR has evolved a lot more than portfolio models and a weekly newsletter. We now have over 300 stock cards that are being updated twice a year. We offer customized reports. We track over 1000 dividend-paying stocks on both Canadian and US markets, which is quite rare in the industry. We have done over 50 webinars in the past 12 months, and DSR have not only helped thousands of members to invest their money, it also helped me to build my dream life.

04:22 MH: In 2016, I was able to take a sabbatical year, use DSR as my main source of income, and I travelled the world for one year with my family. My three children, my wife and I, we were in a small RV, and we drove across Canada and then the United States, and then all the small countries in Central America, to end up in Costa Rica for three months. We enjoyed that so much, that when I came back, I decided to quit my job as a private banker, that kind of job that is prestigious with a full pension plan, good pay job, good paycheck. But I was only able to help 300 to 400 clients a year with this job, and I really wanted to reach thousands of investors. This is why I decided to quit, and then to put all my energy, all my passion into DSR. So 12 months later, 2018, we’re celebrating our fifth anniversary, and I just want to tell you that I am grateful for you being a reader, a follower, maybe a member. So I wanna thank you for being there, for watching my videos, watching my webinars, reading my stock reports, supporting me by commenting on Twitter or on YouTube.

05:45 MH: Just wanna tell you that I’m grateful, and I do that because I’m passionate about the stock market, and I’m so glad that I get to meet all those investors like you. So thank you for being there for those past five years, and I just can’t imagine where DSR will be five years down the road, in 2023, actually, that would be crazy. And I just hope that, at that time, I’ll have a full office with 20 employees, and we’re going to be able, not to help thousands of investors, but tens of thousands. So thank you again and keep following me. I’ll keep giving you as much value as I can, ’cause I really like dividend-paying stocks, and I think that we can all be successful on this investment journey. Cheers.

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