Top 5 Canadian Stocks to Hold Forever [Podcast]



Almost two years ago, we had a stock battle of Canadian and US dividend growers to hold forever. With everything that happened since then, it’s time to look back at those and see if our picks still make sense. Could we leave them in a box for another 10 years without touching them? And who did better? Mike or Vero?

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You’ll Learn

  • What happened in the communication services sector within the last two years? Do BCE and Telus still make sense as forever picks?
  • Mike and Vero chose two transportation companies in the industrial sector in 2021. One provided excellent returns and the other remained true to itself. Which one would you buy and sleep on it?
  • Was Mike right by not resisting putting Alimentation Couche-Tard on his forever list? Did it do better than Vero’s pick?
  • In the financial sector, two Canadian banks were chosen in 2021. While they both did great, there might be another opportunity this time!
  • Some investors severely judged Mike’s pick in Algonquin (AQN.TO) this year. But funny enough, Vero selected it two years ago, while Mike picked Fortis (FTS.TO). Mike comments on both companies and why it still holds on to Fortis.
  • The episode ends on a reminder about what it takes for a company to be bought with the perspective to hold it forever.

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