Top 3 Canadian Stocks for 2024 [Podcast]



It is always fun to get excited about buying opportunities and to add a new company to our portfolio. Should you have some money waiting in your bank account, we got some of the best Canadian dividend ideas for you!

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You’ll Learn

  •  The “Best or Top Stocks of the Year” is a classic at DSR. Mike had been doing an entire book about them every year for over a decade! How does he select them?
  • Let’s start with Stella-Jones (SJ.TO). The material stock has a PRO rating and a Dividend Safety Score of 4 at Dividend Stocks Rock. It also shows a double-digit 5-yr dividend growth. What else does Mike like about it?
  • However, things could get worse this year for the material sector. Why is it a top stock for 2024 and what should investors expect?
  • It has been difficult for REITs in 2023 and it might continue to be. This has created some opportunities, one of which is Granite REIT (GRT.UN.TO).
  • Let’s add a note on what we need to be careful about when selecting REITs, especially during downturns.
  • The next company is in the utilities, so Mike shares a small recap of what happened in this sector in 2023.
  •  Capital Power (CPX.TO) is a company that we almost never discussed, but it still shows an interesting profile: stable business, growth by acquisition, diversification.

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