Too Rich to Be Stressed – An Interview with Dividend John [Podcast]



 After 20 years of investing, Dividend John has a portfolio of 1.4 million generating 65K in dividends. From a young age, he knew he wanted a comfortable financial situation and achieved it with a simple, straightforward, easy-to-apply strategy. Today, the successful investor shares his journey from childhood to being the author of the book Too Rich to Be Stressed: Freedom with Dividend Investing.

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Too Rich to Be Stressed Book by Dividend John

You’ll Learn

  • Dividend John explains how coming from a modest childhood surrounded by wealthy kids at school lit a fire in his belly to be in a better financial situation as a grown-up.
  • The millionaire goes through his failures as a young investor and how this losing game led him to feel depressed.
  • Mike and Dividend John discuss the power of compounding interest and how it was an essential aspect of growing his portfolio.
  • The author firmly believes everyone has something unique and special that can augment their income rapidly. He also discusses the balance between savings and treating yourself.
  • Building up different scenarios with a good accountant was how Dividend John started to build up a long-term plan including dividend growers.
  • Bad years like 2022 can be stressful for investors. However, Dividend John was pretty relaxed and zen trusting the process. Last year, his portfolio was down, but his dividend income was up.
  • Mike asks what his criteria are for buying stocks and explains how their strategy are similar.
  • Mike challenges some of Dividend John’s picks and strategies, such as having a limited number of positions in his portfolio but holding all the big 6 Canadian Banks.
  • Dividend John answers rapid-fire questions from Mike’s Twitter followers.

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