The Year of the Market Crash [Podcast]


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Is 2022 the year of a market crash? Are you ready for this? The market has been up for so many years that we have, as investors, to consider that possibility. Today, we help you prepare your portfolio for potential downtimes.

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You’ll Learn

  • 01:40 What are the differences between a market correction, a bear market and a market crash? When was the last time we went through a real crash?
  • 03:45 What are the signs that 2022 could be the year of the market crash?
  • 05:09 It’s been years that we hear about a potential market crash, and many investors are paralyzed and tend to wait in the fear of losing everything. What are the real risks that come with a market crash?
  • 07:55 Each crisis will hurt specific sectors worst than others. Understand why sector allocation is one of the best shields against a market crash.
  • 10:35 How thinking about your portfolio as a hockey team can prevent you big losses.
  • 14:05 How do rating your stocks help in the context of a crash?
  • 16:16 Which package of metrics should you always have in mind when getting your portfolio in shape to beat a market crash?
  • 17:35 2022 may come with a high risk of a correction. It is time to make sure your process has not been tainted by years of great profit.
  • 19:45 How can you use Mike’s 1/3 game plan to invest in 2022?

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