The Most Dangerous Investment Strategies [Podcast]



Many investment strategies work… some others not so much! Bad years may lead investors to search for miracle solutions or shortcuts to make money. So today we will discuss the most dangerous investment strategies in the hopes that you won’t fall into them.

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You’ll Learn

  • Penny stocks usually sell for very low prices and show a big upside potential. It almost feels like guaranteed money. They remain very risky; Mike learned it the hard way!
  • Mutual Funds are usually how investors start. While it is possible to build a retirement plan around them, this strategy is far from optimal. High hidden fees hurt investors’ portfolios.
  • Moving strategies might be tempting, but it’s one of the most harmful bad habits. You might get lost in the process and end up with a bunch of holdings that have nothing to do with your goals!
  • Sector rotation is like timing the market. Usually, it does not end so well…
  • Chasing shiny objects or flavors of the month is so attractive! The narrative around them is seducing but they remain highly speculative.
  • We end the episode with examples of strategies that work and why: DGI, ETFs, private wealth, etc.

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