The Best Thing About Dividend Investing Is…




I think that I don’t have to convince anyone on this blog that dividend investing rocks. That it’s among the best investing strategies there are over the long term. It produces income and reasonable growth potential. It basically brings to the table what any investor is looking for: a source of both revenue and growth.


There is one thing however, amongst all the arguments that we can discuss, what is more attractive about dividend investing than any other investing strategy. This is what I call the best thing about dividend investing. Since 2010, I’ve worked to convert my portfolio into a 100% dividend stock account. I’ve successfully made the move and am now cashing in the dividends (literally) of my *new* investing strategy.


For a long time, I struggled to define why dividend investing was so interesting for me as an investor. I was able to find so many reasons to explain my decision but had a hard time to define it into one sentence… until I had this discussion with one of my friends who’s actually an ETF investor. He brought the point to me as we were comparing both investing strategies:


The best thing about dividend investing is that you can build a system easily where you find high quality stocks


When you think about it, dividend investing is far from rocket science. All you need is to find a company that shows a positive trend of revenues and profits paying an increasing dividend. You can combine other factors while building your own investing strategy, but dividend investing remains very basic and simple to understand for any investor. At the same time, it is a powerful way to invest over the long haul.


You don’t need to spend hours each day on your computer to trade.

You don’t have to analyze graphs and moving averages for hours to find the sweet spot to trade.

You don’t have to follow your stocks every day to see if there is bad news on the horizon that will be a game changer.


Definitely, the best thing about dividend investing is that it is a powerful, yet effective investing strategy.

Now your turn, why do you like dividend investing so much?

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