The Best SAAS Stocks [Podcast]



There’s nothing like recurring revenue and this is what SAAS businesses are all about! Part of the Technology sector, these companies are easy to understand and can be a great source of growth in one’s portfolio. Here are the best dividend SAAS!

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You’ll Learn

  • Companies with the SAAS business models are attractive for their recurring revenue, and high renewal rate. What can they bring to your portfolio and what should investors expect?
  • Most of the SAAS businesses that pay a dividend are Canadian. Is there a reason why?
  • Constellation Software (CSU.TO) totally grows by acquisition. Revenue and EPS growth is also quite impressive. What else is to be liked about it?
  • Enghouse (ENGH.TO) is quite popular among Dividend Stocks Rock members but dropped on the market lately. Does it create an opportunity or should you proceed with caution?
  • Open Text (OTEX / OTEX.TO) paid its first dividend in 2013 and grew through numerous acquisitions since its foundation. Why is it a good option?
  • Tecsys (TCS.TO) is a classic low yield, high capital gain potential investment. It shows an impressive dividend 5-year growth of about 20%! What else to like about this company?
  • Sylogist should be seen as a speculative play. Yet, Mike still thinks it deserves its place on the Best SAAS Stocks list. Why?
  • The information technology sector tends to be more volatile. SAAS businesses, especially the smaller companies discussed today, make no exception. How should investors proceed?

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