The Best of the Dividend Guy in 2017


While you are celebrating with your family or you simply enjoy the gentle snow falling on the street (the view from my home office is marvelous right now), well… I’m doing exactly the same!  I’m taking a week off from this buzzing world to play Lego with my little one, to cook with my daughter, and to (still) beat my oldest son at NHL 2018 (Gotta love the Preds with PK!). I’m then leaving you with the Best of the Blog separated in three categories:

The end of my one year trip

Between June 2016 and June 2017, I left with my family for a crazy adventure: one year around North & Central America. We drove all the way down to Costa Rica where we lived for three months before heading back toward the East Coast. After this crazy trip, I decided to quit my job and live my passions. I’m currently building my own business and never felt so “invincible”.

I’ve selected three articles describing the most amazing month of my life (On the Road 19 to 21).

The Question Haunting Me or How I Decided to Quit a 6 Figure Job to Live Passionately

On the Road #19 Deep Dished in Nicaragua

On the Road #20: El Salvador Surprise

On the Road #21: Guatemala Magic & Belize Paradise

On the Road Recap

Investing Strategies

An investing blog would not be one without some investing strategy tips, right? In the following list of articles, you will find some stock picks ideas (that are still good for 2018) and strategies you can apply on your own portfolio.

The Dividend Achievers List

Top 4 Popular Dividend Stocks to NOT Hold

Why is there an obsession over not touching your capital at retirement?

The Dividend Triangle

How to Invest a Lump sum Amount of Money in an All-Time High Stock Market

The Price You Pay Doesn’t Matter

My 3 Favorite Canadian Stocks for RRSP Season


Investing my Pension plan

Finally, after quitting my job, I received the amount of $108K as the commuted value of my pension plan. I decided to invest it all in the stock market. This series has been quite popular and lead me to even post a monthly dividend income report.

Getting Ready to Invest 100K

Wow this is Exciting

A Month Later, I Have Invested 76K Already

October & November Dividend Income Report

Enjoy & Be Grateful

I particularly appreciate the time between Christmas and New Year’s. This is a moment where I don’t really work and I can spend time with my family. Kids play outside while I have a “coffee talk” with my wife. Then, we eat pancakes and we play Risk… life is beautiful!

Take a time to enjoy it and be grateful for what you have. We are blessed to live on this earth. Share every moment!

I will see you in the New Year!

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