From Chips to Chatter: Telecoms and Semiconductors Landscape – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

The Communication Services and the Information Technology sectors have significantly evolved in recent years. More specifically, Telecoms and Semiconductors have faced many challenges. What are the pros and cons of these industries? Which companies should investors dive into? What

My Thoughts on 35 Stocks – Part 1 [Podcast]

Many stocks have caused investors headaches this year. We’ve pulled out 35, which we keep receiving questions about. Similar to what we do in our live webinar Q&A session, Mike shares his thoughts on telcos, healthcare, REITs, utilities, and more! Get the chance to ask YO

What I Expect from My Top 10 Largest Holdings [Podcast]

Mike keeps repeating to investors that now is not the time to take guesses and that they should review their portfolios to ensure their holdings can stay the course. Let’s see if Mike did his homework and check out his top 10 holdings: their weight, their role, and what downsides s

Stocks to Benefit from the AI Trend – Is It Relevant? [Podcast]

AI has been the buzzword of 2023, but will it really last? How to invest in AI at low risk? For this episode, we’ll show you how many good dividend growers can be part of this new era and maybe boost your returns without adding too much hazard. Define your strategy and stay investe

Stocks to Buy Before Vacation [Podcast]

Summer vibe on the stock market means quieter days, which is the perfect timing to do a quick mid-year recap and explore buying opportunities. Not to mention that many of Mike’s Buy List ideas are up double-digits since he selected them. Digging into his methodology could inc

Top 5 Canadian Stocks to Hold Forever [Podcast]

Almost two years ago, we had a stock battle of Canadian and US dividend growers to hold forever. With everything that happened since then, it’s time to look back at those and see if our picks still make sense. Could we leave them in a box for another 10 years without touching

10 Stocks Under $50

Are low-priced stocks at a discount? Are they more volatile or of less quality? Does it make sense to wait for stock splits to get a “better deal”? Is it easier to DRIP with stocks at a low price? And what about covered calls? Let’s debunk some myths and go throug