Best US Performing Stocks [Podcast]

Which stocks outperformed the US market in 2022 (as of mid-June)? Some of these companies were never discussed on the show! For each, Mike will share his thoughts, why it performed so well and what to expect going forward. Can you guess any? Download the Dividend Rock Star List! Th

I Didn’t Like RioCan (REI.UN.TO) Before It Cut Its Dividend; What About Now?

At the beginning of December, RioCan (REI.UN.TO) dropped a bomb for retirees: They slashed their dividend by 33%. “As RioCan continues to navigate through the uncertain retail landscape created by the COVID-19 pandemic and faces an unknown length and breadth of closures, the

4 Steps to Build a Solid Investment Thesis

Many readers ask me how I make my sell decisions. I have only three sell rules and most of my transactions are explained by the first one. I sell when: The company doesn’t match my investment thesis anymore. The company cut its dividend (a few exceptions apply amid COVID-19). The c

Two Companies That Will Have A Strong Rebound

Oh Boy Oh Boy! This market is making a lot of people nervous, huh? Considering what happened on the market over the past couple of weeks, I decided to do a “special edition” for my DSR Mike’s Buy List. Each month, we issue The Mike’s Buy List for our DSR members. They get our

Should You Trade Aecon?

I often have the feeling we forget about industrials. There is nothing sexy about them. There is nothing to create hype on the stock market. Even worst, this sector is not seen as a high yielding one. Still, the fact that many companies operate through cycles, there are always a few i

Andrew Peller: I love the wine and you should too!

Andrew Peller (ADW.A.TO) owns wineries in British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia. It doesn’t only produce its own wine, but also market it along with other products. ADW owns several brands like Peller Estates, Trius, Hillebrand, Thirty Bench, Sandhill, Copper Moon, Calona Vineyard

Pension Account – 2 Buys in the Techno Sector

Last week, I told you I was getting ready to invest $100K in the stock market. You who told me to wait, I appreciate your concerns I know, the stock market is high, but my premise is that it will continue to rise. If you want to bring history to the table, let’s take a […]

Pension Account: First Buy

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m currently building my $100K retirement portfolio. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll buy shares of 20 different companies. This morning, I share with you 1 quick analysis of my first purchase: 102 shares of Lazard (LAZ): Quick Stats: COMPANY

Exco Techologies; Small Company with a Big Dividend Potential

One of my readers asked me to review small cap with a strong dividend profile: Exco Technologies. If you have any stock review suggestions, just add a comment at the end of the article! What Makes Exco Technologies (XTC) a Good Business? XTC is an industrial company working with the a

Telus is the Ultimate Dividend Growth Machine

I have now finished my Canadian telecom dividend tour with this analysis of Telus. You can read the other analysis here: Shaw Communications (SJR.B.TO) Rogers Communication (RCI.B.TO) BCE (BCE.TO) What Makes Telus (T) a Good Business? Telus is what is closest to being a pure play in t