Optimize Your Portfolio Review

Optimize your portfolio review! I’ll grant you that portfolio review isn’t exciting, can be tedious really, but if we skip it, we’re unaware of key events and information. We end up with rock bottom stock prices and dividend cuts taking us completely by surprise! I cannot stress en

More about the Importance of Cash from Operations

Continuing last week’s article, learn more about the importance of cash from operations. Here I provide examples of when this metric helps to clarify the real situation and explain how we use it in our stock analysis at DSR. BCE.TO / BCE Below you see the cash from operations, tota

Importance of Cash from Operations

Learn about the importance of the cash from operations metric and its trend when analyzing a company. It’s often more revealing than the good old earnings per share (EPS). First off, you might have heard cash from operations, cash flow from operations, and operating cash flow. Any

Managing Domains on WordPress.com Has Never Been Better

Domains have never been better on WordPress.com. We recently launched a number of new features like multi-year registrations, domain forwarding, easy domain transfer, and bulk updates.

Use Payout Ratios Wisely

The payout ratio is a good indicator of dividend sustainability; let me explain how to use payout ratios wisely when assessing companies as investments possibilities or investments to sell. Payout ratios in a nutshell There are different ways to calculate a payout ratio. The simple

Tell the Story You Want to Tell

In August, the WordPress community gathered at National Harbor, Maryland for WordCamp 2023. Every year, the conference hosts special speakers to talk about all kinds of things—from the technical to the inspirational. One of our favorite talks this year was from sci-fi and fantasy auth

My Thoughts on Stock Valuation

Stock valuation is all about determining the fair price for a stock based on the health and potential of the company. If a company is doing really well, making lots of money, and is expected to keep growing, the stock is more valuable because it’s a piece of a successful and growin

New Free Course—Newsletters 101: From Basics to Automation and Monetization

A brand new course to help you successfully launch your newsletter. No registration required and it doesn't cost a thing.

Stock Buy Checklist to Help You Decide

Do you find yourself hesitating when looking to buy stocks, afraid of buying the wrong ones? Use a checklist to help your stock buying decisions. I use one myself to avoid indecision and paralysis by analysis. How a checklist helps buying decisions Using a checklist ensures the sto

Best US Performing Stocks [Podcast]

Which stocks outperformed the US market in 2022 (as of mid-June)? Some of these companies were never discussed on the show! For each, Mike will share his thoughts, why it performed so well and what to expect going forward. Can you guess any? Download the Dividend Rock Star List! Th