The Most Dangerous Investment Strategies [Podcast]

Many investment strategies work… some others not so much! Bad years may lead investors to search for miracle solutions or shortcuts to make money. So today we will discuss the most dangerous investment strategies in the hopes that you won’t fall into them. Download the DSR Re

Robo Advisors – Is this the perfect solution

About a decade ago, a weird beast was created on the stock market. A new type of investment product called the Exchange Traded Fund, mostly known by its abbreviation; ETF. Many financial institutions started by laughing and denigrating ETFs to dissuade investors from leaving their exp

I Will Manage My Children’s Money

Funny enough from a guy who manages his own brokerage account since the age of 21 (13 years ago!), I must admit; I left others to manage the money for my children’s tuition. It made sense for a while since I found it easier for me to let someone else take responsibility for these fund

Split Share Corporations: You May Split More Than Your Return With the Firm Who Sold It

Would you like to invest in a product that pays a 10% dividend yield and is built on banks and other blue chips?   This is what Dividend 15 Split Corp (DFN.TO) offers: a group of 15 companies where you can hold Class A and preferred shares. When I looked at the list of the 15 com