A Deep Dive into Groceries and Restaurants: Pros, Cons, Best Stocks – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

How do industries help investors diversify their portfolios? What are the main strengths and weaknesses of the Consumer Discretionary and Cyclical sectors? More specifically, what are the characteristics of the grocery and restaurant subsectors? Learn the pros, cons, and best stock

Top 3 US Stocks for 2024 [Podcast]

An easy way to find buying opportunities is to look at the worst sectors in the previous year. Let’s see the best the US market has in store for investors in 2024 and beyond! Want more of our Best Stocks Ideas? Download the Top Stocks for 2024 Booklet that includes three sect

My Take on 35 Stocks Puzzling Investors – Part 2 [Podcast]

Last week, we started sharing Mike’s thoughts on 35 stocks that are puzzling investors. There was so much to cover that we were not able to finish, so here is part 2! Stop hesitating on banks, groceries and restaurants, railroads, and more! Get the chance to ask YOUR question