Stocks to Benefit from the AI Trend – Is It Relevant? [Podcast]

AI has been the buzzword of 2023, but will it really last? How to invest in AI at low risk? For this episode, we’ll show you how many good dividend growers can be part of this new era and maybe boost your returns without adding too much hazard. Define your strategy and stay investe

Top 5 US Stocks to Hold Forever [Podcast]

If you had only 5 US Dividend Growth Stocks to pick and hold for the rest of your life, which ones would make you richer? Mike and Vero did that exercise two years ago. Do their picks still make sense? And who did better? Mike or Vero? Wondering How to Handle this Volatile Market?

10 Stocks Under $50

Are low-priced stocks at a discount? Are they more volatile or of less quality? Does it make sense to wait for stock splits to get a “better deal”? Is it easier to DRIP with stocks at a low price? And what about covered calls? Let’s debunk some myths and go throug