FIRE and Dividend Investing with Bob Lai Aka Tawcan [Podcast]

Bob Lai, from Tawcan, is a Canadian dividend investor who chronicles his quest for financial independence and joyful life. He and his wife started building their dividend portfolio in 2011 after a financial epiphany. Today, their portfolio generates over $3,400 in dividends per mon

FIRE, Fat FIRE, or Lifestyle Design [Podcast]

Most people retire at around 60-65 years old. Many investors know about the FIRE movement but might find it hard to achieve. But did you ever think about your own retirement design? What are the pros and cons of each option and which one is best suited for you? And what’s the

How to Reach Your Financial Goals with Mental Models – Liquid Interview [Podcast]

Liquid has created a net worth of $2M in only 14 years of work-life but he doesn’t talk about numbers at all. Rather, he insists on mental models and the philosophical approach needed to accomplish any investment or financial goal. Here is his story as well as his best tips to reac

How to Invest in Real Estate and Reach FIRE with Tracy Ma [Podcast]

Subscribe: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts Want to retire early and live your dreams? Today, we welcome our first guest who did so in her 30’s: Tracy Ma. Tracy is passionate about real estate investment and she’s into the FIRE movement. She shares with Mike her perso