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I’m Done with my Fears

Everything you want is on the other side of fear -Jack Canfield   When I was a kid, I was fat. Until the age of 13-14, I was borderline obese. I grew up in a small village where I was the “fat poor kid”. I was the last pick for any sport, the kid others […]

Do You Live to Pay Your Mortgage?

We had quite a busy weekend last week. On Friday, we had dinner with friends for my birthday and on Saturday we had our soccer team party finishing with… nothing but a great game for the Montreal Impact who won 3-0 under heavy rain. To finish this weekend, we spent our Sunday as a fam

Financial Preparation for our RV Trip

Almost every week, I’m trying to update you with what we have done so far with regards to our 12 month RV trip across Central and North America in 2016. So far, very few people around me know about my project. Besides my family and close friends, nobody is aware of what we do. I [R

Our First Real RV Test

Life is full of surprises… As I mentioned last Friday, I took a few days off to go on our first “official” RV trip. Since I’m planning to live in the RV for 12 months next year, I have to do some training first. This is why we have several small trips planned this summer. […]

What I Hope My Kids Will Learn From Me About Money

Last week, Income Surfer wrote a great piece about the money advice he learned from his parents. He suggested I come with a piece about how I ‘try’ to teach my children about money. I thought it was a great idea because while I find it very easy to manage money, I’m not too sure [R

Our Itinerary First Draft!

Since the beginning of the year, my wife and I are constantly working on the project of our lives; sell everything to travel across North and Central America with our children. Two weeks ago, we made another big step by putting our house up for sale. Since we plan to leave sometime in