The Only Way to Avoid Dividend Cuts [Podcast]

Dividend cuts are terrible and frustrating. With all the uncertainties around the market, dividend safety is more important than ever. However, avoiding dividend cuts is much more than receiving a constant quarterly payment. Today, we’ll discuss the only way to minimize them. Do no

How to Compare Two Dividend Stocks [Podcast]

As a dividend growth investor, it’s hard to make sure the decision you’re about to take is the best one: you do your research, you find an exciting industry, you identify 3-4 companies that are doing well in that industry, and then what? How to make sure the final stock pick is the

Protect Your Dividend, Payout Ratios Explained

What is the best and fastest way to determine the ability of a company to pay dividend? The dividend payout ratio, right? Most investors would agree. However, it’s a little more complicated. Today, we’re going to review four types of dividend payout ratios along with th