14 New Canadian Dividend Aristocrats!

Life is good for Canadian dividend growth investors as 14 companies made the cut to be added to the Canadian dividend aristocrats. To be considered an S&P Canadian Dividend Aristocrat, the company must have increased its dividend payout every year for five years but have a free pa

Are We Heading for a Negative Year on the Stock Market?

I seldom look at the overall stock market to see how it is going. I read the daily headlines, but rarely take a look back since January to see what has happened on the stock market. I would rather look at my own portfolio to see how to improve it this year instead of looking […]

A Niche of Their Own: Five Sites to Check Out Today

A look at bloggers who find their audience by doing one thing (really, really) well.

Dividend Stocks Do Worse

We often say 1 images worth a thousand words: It’s a fact that dividend stocks have done worse than indexes since the beginning of the year. How can this be possible? Aren’t we suppose to invest in dividend stocks to avoid high volatility and because they perform better in bearish mar

6 Dividend Aristocrats Getting Hurt… and More!

Over the past month, I have read several quarterly reports and seen many companies falling out of favor. While doing some research, I’ve realized that many great companies have lost over 10% of their value this year. Considering that both the US and Canadian markets still have their h

What Happens in Greece will Stay in Greece

In today’s post, I’m not going to write a lengthy post about the recent events in Greece and speculate on what will happen next. Each day, I receive about 25 pages worth of data and analysis about what is happening in Greece and it keeps my mornings entertaining, but that’s about it.

Heading to BlogHer ’15? So are we!

If you'll be at BlogHer's annual conference in New York City this week, we'd love to say hello.

Best News of the Year; US Consumers are Not Spending!

Last week, Walmart (WMT) disappointed investors by telling them probably the best news of the quarter: Americans are saving their money instead of spending at Walmart. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t the happiest investor on earth when WMT published a declining profit (-7%) and missed an