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Since I’ve written this blog, I’ve been completely transparent about my investment decisions. I always thought it would be helpful to see how others invest their money as I believe we can all learn from each other. However, since money is more taboo than sex, most people, even blogger

Selling SNC Lavalin & Buying Amazon

Back in April 2015 I made a bold move in my portfolio; I sold ScotiaBank (BNS.TO) to buy SNC Lavalin (SNC.TO). Many readers weren’t too sure about this move, but I’ve proven that I was right 2 years after the trade: Source: Ycharts While SNC outperformed BNS all the way, it is clear o

16 Stocks to Buy each with their Respective Investment Thesis

In my latest article, I told you my little secret about selling any stock at the right time. In fact, it’s not about selling, it’s all about why you buy in the first place. When you purchase a stock, there must be specific reasons, an investment thesis, telling you this stock will hel

Recent Purchase: Lowe’s LOW

Not too long ago, I told you that you should run away from Walmart (WMT) as I did. This transaction left me with a healthy profit and additional cash in my portfolio. This was the perfect time to go hunting! As part of a Dividend Stocks Rock project, I’ve reviewed the 18 Dividend King

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New Purchase CNR

Earlier this week, I announced that I sold my position in Black Diamond. While their dividend wasn’t at risk, management decided to cut it by 38% to improve the company’s cash flow for the future. While I can appreciate why management took this decision, it goes against my 7 investing

DSR Stock Cards – Collect’ em All!

Do you remember when you used to collect hockey & baseball cards? I used to be a big hockey card collector when I was 12. Each fall, I was very excited to buy my Upper Deck card box and open 40 or so hockey card packs. I enjoyed the fact that I could get all […]

Bold Move – Sell ScotiaBank Buy SNC Lavalin

At the end of March, I introduced another feature for my DSR members; Mike’s BUY List. The list is composed by 5 US and 5 Canadian dividend stocks I would buy right away if I had another 10K to add to my portfolio. At the end of this post I also provided a “special play”. This is the