How to Start Investing – 4 Strategies That Work [Podcast Series]

Subscribe: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts We all want the retirement of our dreams. But starting to invest could be intimidating. If you don’t know how to do it, this small series of three episodes should be your first stop. Today, we begin with 4 Strategies that Wo

Should You Pay for Investment Services?

Nope, this is not some kind of fake post to push my service down your throat. It is a real article discussing why you should or should not pay for investment services. You already know that I have a membership service and that I might be biased about this topic. But I don’t think I [&

Split Share Corporations: You May Split More Than Your Return With the Firm Who Sold It

Would you like to invest in a product that pays a 10% dividend yield and is built on banks and other blue chips?   This is what Dividend 15 Split Corp (DFN.TO) offers: a group of 15 companies where you can hold Class A and preferred shares. When I looked at the list of the 15 com