[Podcast] DGB 06: Get the Best of Each Sector Series – Basic Materials and Energy

Which sector is best? Which ones should you choose? Knowing your sectors will help you understand what you invest in and why. In this episode, we pursue the Get the Best of Each Sectors Series. You’ll be able to know their strengths and weaknesses, how to get the best of each

[Podcast] DGB 05: Get the Best of Each Sector Series – Consumer Cyclical and Consumer Defensive

We all want the best for our portfolio and it starts with a good sector allocation. This episode is the first of a series covering each of the 11 market sectors. You’ll be able to know their strengths and weaknesses; how to get the best of them and of course, Mike’s fav

Technology Sector: Expertise, Size and Reputation are Its Best Assets!

We would separate tech stocks into two different categories: #1 Companies with disruptive technology entering various fields such as retail (Amazon), Television (Netflix), Financials (Robinhood) or accommodation (Airbnb). Those companies are fighting for market share and they are r

[Podcast] DGB 04: Canadian vs U.S. Market! Why Not Both?

Currency exchange rates and tax effects are often scary for investors. While it is good to put money in your “home” market, you probably miss out on some great opportunities. There are dividend growers that can make you forget currency and taxes impact! Here’s why

[Podcast] DGB 03: How and When to Sell Your Losers

Buying is easy and exciting. The problem comes when after a few months the stock underperforms. How did this happen? What should you do? Selling losers is a common struggle among investors. Mike and co-host Vero share a few tips on how to identify them; when it is time to let them

Selling UPS! – January Dividend Income Report

In September of 2017, I received slightly over $100K from my former employer which represented the commuted value of my pension plan. I decided to invest 100% of this money into dividend growth stocks. Each month, I publish my results. I don’t do this to brag.  I do this to show yo

[Podcast] DGB 02: What The Hell is The Dividend Triangle?

The Dividend Triangle is a concept that Mike invented to describe the foundation of his investment strategy. It consists of three metrics: revenue growth, earnings growth and dividend growth. The dividend triangle can help investors to narrow down their stock research and to find l

[Podcast] DGB 01: Why Dividend Growth Investing Matters?

Welcome to our new weekly podcast! Mike and his co-host Vero start the show by demystifying why Dividend Growth Investing is an option that everyone should consider in order to enjoy a happy retirement. At his debut on the stock market, Mike was a trader. He soon realised there was

Why You Should Sell Your Losers – Destroy The Breakeven Fairy Tale

“The desire to perform all the time is usually a barrier to performing over time.” ~ Robert Olstein Every single stock I purchase in my account is set for a great future… or so I think each time I add another company to my portfolio! The problem comes when after a few months the st