Stock Valuation: Are You Paying Too Much for a Stock [Podcast]


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You look at the market and see many choices. But you’re quickly stuck not knowing which one to buy because you are confused by these crazy valuations!

Today, we’ll share some useful calculations and data to use when you want to assess the valuation of your next buy. And in the end, to what extent should you proceed to valuation before you buy?

You’ll Learn

  • What’s the Dividend Discount Model (DDM) and when to use it?
  • How can the yield history help investors estimate the value of a stock?
  • Why should investors use the PE Ratio and is it really useful to target a number?
  • What is the Discounted Cash Flow methodology and is it complicated to use it?
  • Are “Value Scores” any useful for valuation?
  • Does valuation really matter? To what extent do you process a valuation before you buy?

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