Quarterly Earnings Review – Best Opportunities [Podcast]


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Many investors are seeing their portfolio beaten up by this most recent quarter. But while stock prices are down, many companies reported strong earnings. Here’s a review of this first quarter of 2022 as well as the best opportunities in this current market. It is not time to stay on the sideline!

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You’ll Learn

  • An overview of the handful of things that impacted the market in the last couple of months: inflation, interest rates, supply chain disruption, war…
  • What happened with the Canadian Banks during the last quarter and how do BMO and National Bank remain the big winners.
  • How are the military industry and defense stocks going? Despite the human tragedy in Ukraine, is it a good time to invest in stocks like LMT, NOC or GD?
  • Magna International (MG.TO / MGA) has gone sideways for a while but remains interesting. Which company will build auto parts?
  • The energy sector is giving headaches to investors. Mike explains why pipelines are still better and safer options and why he will continue discarding most of this sector.
  • The technology stocks all seem to go down. Some investors are worried. However, companies like Apple and Microsoft show double-digit growth. Others, like Lam Research, show a perfect dividend triangle. Maybe it is time to average down your cost instead of panicking?
  • Did Q12022 bring some trades in Mike’s portfolio? Which ones, and why?

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