Pros & Cons of Bonds, Mutual Funds, Preferred Shares and GICs [Podcast]



What would they be if we had to put dividends aside for a while and explore other safe investment products? How are dividend growers offering solutions to their problems? Who are they made for? Are they all relevant?

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You’ll Learn

  • A bond is a fixed-income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental). This seems like a safe and sound option. Mike explains the problems with bonds.
  • Mutual funds are primarily owned by people that invest with financial advisors. Many retail investors snub them because of their fees and low performance. However, there is more to them that could make some investors happy.
  • Preferred shares are sometimes hard to understand because of their various types. This VIP investment can, however, limit your capital appreciation.
  • High-interest rates have made GICs more attractive to investors and seem like an excellent option for retirees. Unfortunately, they present liquidity and returns limitations you don’t find with dividend growers.
  • From all the investment products we’ve mentioned today, which one remains relevant and in which context?

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