Our “Final” Itinerary on a Map!


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The route to financial freedom is just ahead…



The Trip of my Life

The map above is our “final” itinerary for our one year RV trip. I write “final” as fate will decide the exact road we will take. In the meantime, this is half of the trip that is planned. Here are a few interesting numbers about this itinerary:

This is 162 days of travel;

14,926km or 9,275 miles estimated;

4 provinces;

15 states;

7 countries;

and this is only half of our trip!


During this amazing journey, I’m looking to do several things that could be part of a bucket list:

Spending a full year with the people I love most;

Sleeping on a beach;

Hiking in the Rockies;

Volcano Snowboarding;

Chilling on a hidden beach;

Spending a day in a desert;

Visiting Alcatraz;

Walking on Maya ruins;

Learning Spanish;

Waterfall rapelling;

Wearing a panama hat bought in Mexico;

Horseriding on the beach;

Surfing for the first time;



This is literally the trip of my life. When I was younger, I went on a 40 day backpacking trip across 7 European countries. This experience changed my life forever. This time, I’ll spend 365 days travelling across 8 countries (we are doing Belize on our way back!). I can only imagine how this will affect my life.

This trip makes me feel alive again. It makes me realize how blessed we are to be healthy and walk on this Earth. It makes me realize how life is fragile and should be cherished. I’m leaving for this trip on June 11th 2016…This is when another chapter of my life will be written.

This chapter will not only be about travelling and discovering new landscapes, cultures and people. This will will also be another chapter toward financial freedom. As I will rack up the kilometres, I believe this road will also lead me toward financial freedom.

A Route Toward Financial Freedom?

As you can see this is not exactly the path to financial freedom as you would expect it to be. A road to financial independence is usually made up of great sacrifice. Those sacrifices are usually a translated into longer hours worked and less money spent. The path is usually set-up for a very long time, read nearly a decade. This is not the path I intend to follow.

I Decided to Take Another Road Where There Was None

My road to financial freedom will pass through my one year RV trip across North & Central America. A trip where shorter hours worked and constant expenses will occur. In other words; this is totally the opposite of the classical FIRE (Financial Independance & Early Retirement). Funny enough, these shorter hours worked are the key to my financial freedom.

I expect to work between 30 to 35 hours per week during my trip. This is less than what I do right now (more like 50 hours per week). However, they will all be concentrated on my websites. This is how I intend to not only support my lifestyle during this period, but reach financial independence in a single year.

Working for yourself is the fastest way to reach financial independence. I recently read an interesting quote that goes like this:  “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” By working for someone else, it makes it very hard to realize your own dream. Each hour worked for someone will pay you once, each hour worked for yourself will pay forever.

Once I come back (if I come back! hahaha!), I would like to work for myself exclusively. I’m off to a great start right now and wish to propel my business to a whole new level while I will be traveling.


This is my dream and I’m living it right now. What’s yours?

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