My First Speech!


As you know already, I quit my job as a private banker in July to go full-time on my websites. I was good at my job, I liked it, but I somewhat always felt there was something bigger waiting for me. The main reason why I did this is because I wanted to reach as many people as possible and help them with personal finance (and especially investing!).

Only two months after I quit, I already got a unique opportunity to reach over 10,000 people in one shot! I’ve received a few requests to publicly appear in the past, but I always had to decline due to my secret double life.

And here’s my chance now; I’m going to speak at a conference! I’m talking about the Canadian Financial Summit. It’s the first time 25+ Canadian personal finance experts will be gathered in one place to share their insights, tips, and secret hacks with us in an online setting.

It’s also 100% FREE and you don’t have to drive anywhere to attend!

The beauty of technology now enables us to build amazing conferences at no cost where all attendants can simply log on their tablet or computer and get the content they need. That’s quite a feat!

While The Canadian Financial Summit is free, the value is there. As a Dividend Guy Blog reader, you are certainly interested in investment topics. Here’s what you will get if you watch the conferences:

  • Investment Returns That Will Make Others Green With Envy – Peter Hodson, CEO 5i Research Inc.
  • Taxes: Why Everyone Should Start Their Own Business – Janine Rogan, CPA and Founder of
  • Canada’s Addiction Epidemic: Housing and Real Estate – Rob Carrick, Columnist at The Globe and Mail
  • How Valuable is Your Financial Advisor? – Preet Banerjee, CBC’s The National Commentator
  • Taking the Lump Sum vs Waiting for Your Pension – Me! Founder of Dividend Stocks Rock, Financial Achiever
  • The “4% Rule”: Why Having a Retirement Portfolio Full of Bonds Isn’t Safe! – Ed Remple, certified financial planner
  • Becoming Financially Independent Before My 35th Birthday – Kornel Szrejber, Host of Build Wealth Canada Show

My Topic: Pension Plan Vs Lump Sum Payment

I’ve discussed this topic on this blog a few times (here and there)  but there is so much to discuss on  pension plans and lump sum payments, I could go on for hours. In my conference, I will discuss the main difference between both options, but also key questions to ask your employer before you make the decision. You will discover why now, it’s the best timing ever if you want to take a lump sum instead of your pension. Finally, I’ll close my speech with a little surprise for attendants…

Once again – this event is completely FREE to attend. However, if you can’t make it for the scheduled date/time, you will be given the options to purchase a special any-time, anywhere, Premium All Access Pass that will allow you to stream the entire conference whenever fits you best.

That’s it. No essays. No paperwork. Just head on over to the Canadian Financial Summit, sign up for free, and be automatically entered to win one of the free Premium All Access Passes they will giving away when the event goes LIVE on September 13th.

Get your free pass to the Canadian Financial Summit here

Good Luck!


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