Invisible Dividend Investing Mistakes You Keep Repeating [Podcast]


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Did you know that you are making investing mistakes that you can’t even see? Imagine you train really hard to lose weight but keep on sabotaging your plan by eating too much on weekends. Well, investing makes no exception. We reveal the 3 invisible mistakes investors make and how to fix them.

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At the beginning, Vero mentioned that this episode could be considered as part two of the “How to Protect Your Portfolio from Yourself” once that focused on investment biases. You can listen to it right here if you didn’t already.

You’ll Learn

  • How waiting for a pullback can hurt an investor’s portfolio.
  • How to play with momentary pullbacks without putting your strategy in jeopardy.
  • Why are investors waiting for a stock to bounce back and how does it impact your investment.
  • How a quarterly review can fix this mistake.
  • Why putting income above all is not a good option for your portfolio.
  • How to identify if your yield is healthy.
  • The tricks Mike learned from his own mistakes.

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