How to Start Investing – Newcomer Investor Interview [Podcast]



Anthony, aka Newcomer Investor, is proof that anyone can start investing! He created his portfolio in his twenties with no financial background. Driven by his passion, Anthony learned by taking action. He decided to share his path with us, the foundation of his investment and his thoughts on his favorite holdings.

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You’ll Learn

  • Anthony’s childhood has been enriched by different cultures and experiences: from a French-Chineese mom and Britain-Jamaican dad to growing up in Switzerland.
  • At the end of his studies, Anthony saw the pandemic as an opportunity to enter the stock market. He shares his different accounts and how he uses them.
  • After a quick success, Newcomer Investor made the common mistake of thinking he was seasoned investor. He sold his ETFs and bought individual stocks without knowing what he owned.
  • His buying process evolved to include 3 categories: long-term core compounders, cash flow machines, and peripheral stocks.
  • Anthony and Mike exchange their views and opinions on his favorite sectors: Financials, Infrastructure, and Renewables, and a few small-caps to spice things up!
  • Mike quickly realizes that Newcomer Investor is ever more passionate than him about the Brookfield family, which Anthony calls “the empire”.
  • The two investors have a friendly debate about ScotiaBank (BNS), which represents Anthony’s largest position.
  • Newcomer Investor shares his buying process, including having a watch list, following PE ratios, and listening to earnings calls. Foremost, he seeks to balance understanding the business and following it for a good entry point.
  • What’s Anthony’s goal with his portfolio? Does he aim at living off his dividends? To him, it’s more about the journey than the money…

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