How to Start Investing – Easy Steps to Grow A Solid Portfolio [Podcast Series]


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Buying the first stock is fun, but then what? How to save more money? How to select new positions? Throughout the entire process, you must also keep an eye on the forest, not just focus on the tree.

Here are the easy steps to grow a solid portfolio!

This episode is part III of a three-part series. Listen to 4 Strategies that Work here and to Select the Right Brokerage Account here.

You’ll Learn

  • How to save money for investing in an efficient way.
  • The pros and cons of using leverage to invest.
  • The help ETFs and robo-advisors can provide in the growing stage.
  • Should beginner investors use DRIPs and why.
  • How many positions to have in a portfolio.
  • The crucial role played by asset and sector allocation.
  • Key guidelines on portfolio management.

You can access Mike’s portfolio building and managing philosophy in the DSR Recession-Proof Portfolio Workbook. Download it for free now!

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Sector allocation is a key component in a good investment strategy. But how many should an investor hold? And which ones? If you follow Mike’s simple process, you will rapidly build your sector allocation and identify the ideal number of stocks to hold in each.

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Mike shared his Quarterly Review Methodology in this video below. This methodology is a great start to portfolio management!

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