How to Compare Two Dividend Stocks [Podcast]


As a dividend growth investor, it’s hard to make sure the decision you’re about to take is the best one: you do your research, you find an exciting industry, you identify 3-4 companies that are doing well in that industry, and then what? How to make sure the final stock pick is the right one for your portfolio?

Here’s a 6-step canvas to compare two stocks!

You’ll Learn

  • How to play defense or offense in your portfolio.
  • The importance of understanding a company’s business model when comparing two dividend stocks.
  • What the dividend triangle can tell you about your potential buys.
  • How to identify a company’s growth factors and dividend safety, and why it is important.
  • How to make sure you’re not missing any potential risks when doing your comparison.
  • Why you should NOT base your final decision on the dividend yield.
  • A real-life case study using Granite REIT and CT REIT.

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We also quickly discussed the two ranking systems we use: the DSR PRO rating and the Dividend Safety Score. We believe every investor should have all of its stocks ranked. Having a rating system will ease your buy & sell decisions and avoid dilemmas. Therefore, you might want to watch the videos below to get inspired.

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