How Often Should You Look at Your Portfolio? [Podcast]


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You wake up, get in your office and notice that the market is down double digits. What do you do? You open your brokerage account, you see those red numbers and you want to make them disappear, right?

Well, not so fast! Today, we’ll see when is a good time to look at your portfolio and how to rebalance it.

You’ll Learn

  • Is it a good thing to look at our portfolio following news of a stock drop?
  • How often is Mike looking at his portfolio? Why?
  • When is it time to rebalance your portfolio and should you proceed?
  • When rebalancing, should you sell your best-performing stocks or your worst ones?
  • Does a good sector allocation mean to be equally weighted in all of them?
  • Should dividends influence your choice when rebalancing?
  • What’s the difference between portfolio management and stock picking?

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You can listen to the related episode on sector allocation right below! You’ll also find a video about how Mike reviews his portfolio quarterly, including references to his ranking system. Hope you enjoy it!

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