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Yesterday, I wrote about getting the best resolution for your investment in 2017: stop struggling with buying and selling your stocks.

After 2008, the stock market has never been the same. Uncertainties and fear of the next bubbles have fuelled up volatility to its highest level for decades. More than ever, investors struggle determining the right timing to buy or sell their holdings.

I’ll make something clear; nobody holds a crystal ball and nobody can tell you what to do with your portfolio with a 100% success rate. However, the solution to buying the right stocks and selling the bad ones is known for decades, but ignored by many.

This solution is getting the right information and taking action accordingly. It has been proven many times that with careful research and triggering action on your portfolio will create wealth overtime and avoid painful massive losses. I’m well aware that you might lack of time to do your research or still stuck in uncertainty when it’s time to make a trade. This is why I want to share the strongest package deal of information you can get for 2017.

3 Ways to Start 2017 with a Solid Portfolio

I order to start 2017 on the right foot and getting rid of this painful doubt in your mind, I’ve prepared two solutions to solve this problem:

#1 The Do-It-Yourself Toolkit $25.99 $15

Each year, I select 20 U.S. and 10 Canadian strong dividend stocks to outperform the market. During the past 5 years, I show a success rate of 80% (8 out of 10 portfolios beat their benchmark).

The Dividend Toolkit includes a valuation spreadsheet file along with the PDF dividend investing book. The book explains how to use the valuation spreadsheets for optimal valuation (they’re easy), describes why and how they work, and describes in simple terms how to come up with solid input estimates.

With those two books, you will avoid buying/selling dilemmas



#2 The Dividend Growth Investor Premium Package $325 $150 BEST VALUE

You are quite busy in this beginning of the year and you are not sure you can write down your investment thesis and trigger your buys and sells? How about someone else do the work for you? Dividend Stocks Rock has been designed to do 95% of the work. Your membership includes;

  • 75 + stock card analysis (easy to digest information with stock valuation);
  • 8 pre-screened stock lists (we filter the stock market, you pick solely among the best options);
  • Buy list updated monthly (we follow closely a limited list of high potential companies);
  • 12 real-time portfolios (9 of 12 beat their benchmark for the past 3 years);
  • The Dividend Toolkit (the best dividend investing book about stock valuation)
  • The Best 2017 Dividend Stock Picks (to get you a great buying list early this year)

At DSR, we are completely transparent and our portfolios are built with one thing in mind: providing results.  Those portfolios are actively managed and members receive buy and sell alerts. After 3 years of existence, 9 out of 12 portfolios beat the benchmark and 2 of them are in line with their benchmark.



Still stuck with second thoughts? How about you have 60 days to cancel any of these purchases and I’ll refund your money with no questions asked? How about you give it a try for a few weeks? You will realise how those tools can help you avoiding doubts and helping you making the right decisions. If after a few weeks it doesn’t work for you, you simply have to email me and I’ll handle the refund process on my end. No stress, no hassle, just a better way to manage your investments!


As any kind of resolution, if you wait and simply think about it, time flies and you will be left with nothing by the end of the year. Those offers expires on January 7th at midnight. It’s time to put an end to your investment struggle and stop being afraid of potential market loss. You have two options to take your resolution:

#1 The Do-It-Yourself Toolkit $25.99 $15

Best 2017 Dividend Stocks Book + The Dividend Toolkit

#2 The Dividend Growth Investor Premium Package $325 $150 BEST VALUE

2 years of premium membership including all our DSR books library

If you have any questions, I’m only one email away.

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