Retirement Portfolio Series – Let’s Start With the Basics: Budget and Cash [Podcast]

Subscribe: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts There are zillions of books, articles, and services about building your nest egg. However, there are not close to as many resources on creating a paycheck from your portfolio. This is often a cause of doubt and anxiety for the investors about to retire. This is the intro of a […]

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If You Invest in Stocks, You Must Do This Quarterly

One thing I’ve noticed throughout the years is that it is much easier for investors to invest new capital and build a portfolio than to manage it. Our portfolio models at Dividend Stocks Rock are somewhat capped with the number of positions and we don’t invest new capital. This means we deal with what most […]

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Dividend EV Stocks and How to Ride that Trend in a Safe Way [Podcast]

Investing in trends such as electric vehicles may lead to bumpy rides! To avoid such stress, you may consider companies that will benefit from the movement while still showing a strong and diversified business model and good dividend growth. How can a dividend growth investor ride the electric vehicles (EV) wave in a safe way? […]

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Retirement and the Withdrawal Mechanics

I remember my days as a financial planner. When I worked with my clients on their retirement plans, the easiest part was withdrawals. Why? Because we were taking care of their money. In private banking, we offered an “all-inclusive” service where we would manage how, when, and where to withdraw the money to make sure […]

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Brookfield Stocks: Which Shares to Hold? [Podcast]

Which shares to hold from the Brookfield family? That is an often asked question now answered in detail! Which one between Brookfield Infrastructure, Renewable, Properties and Asset Management best suits your portfolio? Let’s shed some light on these well-known Canadian stocks that also trade in the U.S.! You’ll Learn Why Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) can […]

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