Can ETFs and Stocks Coexist in a Portfolio?

Can ETFs and stocks coexist in a portfolio and make that portfolio better? ETF or index ETF investing versus do-it-yourself dividend growth investing is always a big debate. You know I favor stock investing, but I keep an open mind. There is room for ETFs even if you invest in stocks. I see both ETF […]

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Over Diversification is a Big Problem [Podcast]

Sector allocation and diversification are essential aspects of a portfolio. But sometimes, too much is as hurtful as too little… Let’s discuss diworsification, its impacts, and how to maintain a well-balanced portfolio. Download the Dividend Rock Star List and Pick among the Best Assets Only! You’ll Learn We must first define good diversification. What does […]


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Investing in Real Estate Through REITs

Real estate investment through REITs (Real Estate Income Trusts) is not only popular because REITs distribute generous dividends, but also because they’re easy to understand. We can easily picture an apartment building or an office tower and imagine tenants paying their rent. Investors are willing to purchase units of those businesses in exchange for income […]

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Stocks Sold: A Look Back at Mike’s Trades [Podcast]

There are three main good reasons to sell. How has Mike’s buy-and-sell process served him so far? Was he right to sell Disney (DIS), McDonald’s (MCD), Andrew Peller (AW.UN.TO), or Algonquin (AQN)? Here’s a look at these and more of Mike’s trades and what investors can learn from them. Download the Dividend Rock Star List […]

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When to Cash in on Your Winners

All investors share a goal. Making profit. How do you know when to cash in on your winners? A stock is up 20%-50%-75%. Will it keep going up? Is it about to crash? You feel you should sell, but you like that stock… Selling winners isn’t easy. Some put a limit on the stock price […]

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