Earnings Season Review: Best Opportunities and Worst News [Podcast]



The first quarter of 2023 follows a tough year for investors. What’s to remember from these earnings? What is the good and bad news? Which companies should be on your radar and which ones are worth adding to your buy list? Mike shares his best insights after hours of reading reports for you.

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You’ll Learn

  • It was a difficult quarter for two pipelines that Mike usually likes: Enbridge (ENB) and TC Energy (TRP). Will inflation, labor shortage, and regulations impact them much longer? What should shareholders do?
  • In the consumer discretionary sector, things turned sour for VF Corporation (VFC), and it was not an excellent quarter for Magna International (MG.TO). Mike sold his positions in VFC and will closely follow MG.TO. Are you more patient?
  • 3M (MMM) keeps piling up on bad news. On top of that, dividend growth is almost non-existent. Is it time to wave goodbye?
  • Intel (INTC) was another dividend cutter this quarter. Mike explains why he believes the stock is a value trap.
  • Vero throws a curveball to Mike with a hard question. We saw more dividend cutters from companies he likes in the last few months. Are dividend growers still outperforming the market? Is Mike’s strategy still relevant?
  • Some of the Brookfield stocks are amongst the best opportunities. We can name BIP, BEP, BAM, and BN. Mike discusses what in this quarter makes them attractive.
  • Disney (DIS) has cut its dividend during the pandemic. After over two years of waiting, shareholders now have some hope after the last earnings. The restructuring plan and the upcoming dividend reinstatement should please many!
  • Two industrial companies reported good earnings: TFI International (TFII.TO) and Honeywell (HON). TFI announced a 30% dividend increase and HON reported organic sales growth of 10%.
  • In the technology sector, there was good news for Lam Research (LRCX) with both revenue and EPS up 25%, beating analysts’ expectations.
  • Mike shares a few words on Canadian Banks and why investors should be cautious with Scotiabank (BNS).
  • Among the best news, these represent the best opportunities for investors: CNR.TO, RCH.TO, NTR.TO, MC.TO, WEC and MCD.

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