Early Theme Adopters: Bushwick


Bushwick has become the theme of choice for tens of thousands of bloggers since we launched it a few months ago. It’s easy to see why: its typography and layout make posts highly readable, while the vertical custom header image adds a distinct, easy-to-customize design touch.

Bushwick also allows you to create custom excerpts, and to tuck non-essential elements into a neat slide-out widgets area. All these features make it a perfect theme for bloggers of all stripes. Take a look at the sites below for some inspiration.

Call of the Wild Geese

call of the wild geese bushwick
Blogger Anne created Call of the Wild Geese to document her thoughts and adventures during a six-month period of self-imposed unemployment.

The airy feel of her site perfectly echoes the blog’s evocative title. Anne’s uncluttered design focuses the visitor’s attention on her writing, which is complemented by beautiful custom drawings in the header area and in each individual post.

Fashion Backwards

fashion backwards bushwick
In Fashion Backwards, Liz, a history-minded fashion blogger, takes a look at the origins of some of today’s most popular styles, showing how the past lives on through our clothes. She’s created a witty logo for her site, which is prominently displayed in the vertical header area.

One of the greatest elements in Bushwick‘s design is the splashy display of featured images. Liz is making the most of the theme by giving each post a smart, customized look with well-chosen featured images.

Jeff Schneider

Jeff Schneider Bushwick

On his personal site, avid traveler and marketing professional Jeff Schneider showcases his writing and photography from his journey across Southeast Asia. Bushwick‘s crisp design and generous layout make his images really shine.

Jeff has turned his site into more than a travel blog, though: drawing on the theme’s versatility, he’s made it easy for colleagues and potential employers to view his résumé and portfolio, both an easy click away in his streamlined custom menu.

If you’d like to learn more about Bushwick or give it a try, visit the theme’s Showcase page.

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