Dividend Reads for the Weekend




Last weekend, my wife did her first half marathon and my two oldest kids (William, 8 and Amy, 6) ran 1km. I was the only one not running (‘cause we have a third one who’s 20 months! Hahaha!). If you haven’t went to a run in your life, just to see how it goes, I strongly suggest you go see the ambiance. It’s free and it feels like Sunday Football J


Here are the best articles I’ve read this week:

1. Special report on retirement on this blog ;-)

2. A Great Look at Credit Card Stocks showing strong metrics but low dividend yield at Intelligent Speculator

3. A good insight on what determines a dividend stock’s yield @ Dividend Growth Stocks

4. 3 Characteristics of successful dividend investors @ Dividend Growth Investor (I got 3 of them, yahoo!)

5. A VERY interesting article about most hated dividend stocks you should love @ Dividend Ladder – it’s time to buy some underdogs!

6. Matt @ Dividend Theory explains why you should seek for stocks with bigger cash buffer


Dividend Stocks Analysis:

Medtronic (MDT) @ Dividend Monk

Pepsi Co (PEP) @ Dividend Growth Stock Investing

General Electric (GE) @ Dividend Engineering

AT & T (T) @ My Financial Independence Journey


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