Dividend Reading for the Weekend


This week, I’ve made a list of 11 stocks to keep during a market crash. I hope you have made your own list!


Here’s other great articles to read over the weekend:


1.  Dividend Growth Investor explains why sometimes dividend investing is boring.

2. Intelligent Speculator reviews Microsoft (MSFT) after recent buy in Nokia.

3. Buybacks to dividends at risk @ Bloomberg.

4. Dividend Mantra keeps buying more stocks. Check-out his most recent buy.

5. 3 promising stocks at Dividend Growth Stocks.

6. Aflac (AFL) stock analysis by Dividend Engineering.

7. Retired? Dividend Ladder offers 4 great safe dividend stocks for you

8. Dividend Monk analyzes Clorox (CLX)

9. Interesting guest post about 7 phases of retirement written by Joe who retired before 40 at The Passive Income Earner

10. Are annuities scam? at Annuity Rates HQ.


see you on Monday!

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