Dividend Read for the Weekend




This week was the “back to busy” week. My daughter started ice skating and my son is making his first step in the elite camp training at soccer tonight. It will be interesting J. Did you have a busy week? Here’s some good read to relax over the weekend!


1. I’ve found the most complete (and free!) resource to understand annuitiesé

2. Interesting paper at Institutional Investor which claims it’s almost impossible to beat the market.

3. Growth Stock Wire claims there will be a crash in 2014 (and it will be worse than 2008)… hahaha!

4. Intelligent Speculator follow-up on his ultimate sustainable dividend portfolio.

5. Good recap of the latest dividend increase at Captain Dividend.

6. My Own Advisor wishes more stock in our school system… Amen!

7. Dividend Ninja is back! Celebrating his 3rd Blogging Anniversary

8. Dividend Mantra found an extra worker in his household… and he is racking-up all his earnings!

9. An in depth read about yield and dividend growth in 4 parts written by Dividend Engineering.

10. Dividend Growth Investing is giving away his book… for $0.99!



Enjoy your weekend!

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