Display Your Vine Videos on WordPress.com


You know all those Vine masterpieces you’ve recorded with your mobile phone — six seconds of time, looping over and over, immortalized on your little screen? Now, you can embed these videos on your WordPress.com site, using a URL or shortcode.

Embed a Vine video with a URL

To embed one of your fabulous looping creations, simply copy the video’s URL. If you share a video on Facebook or Twitter, its URL can be found at the end of your post or tweet:

Another way to find a video’s URL:

  1. Click the three dots at the bottom of a Vine post.
  2. Select “Share this post” and then “Embed.”
  3. Copy the URL shown, minus the /embed.

Finding a Vine URL

Once you’ve copied the URL, paste it on a line by itself when you’re editing a post or page (and double-check that you’ve got https:// at the beginning, as shown below):

post editor

Once that’s set, we’ll take care of the rest! Your video will look something like this:

Embed a Vine video with a shortcode

Specify width and height

You can specify a width and height for your video by adding a shortcode to a post or page using one of the formats below. (Don’t forget to replace the URL/video ID listed here with the one for your own video!)

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/hBFxTlV36Tg”]

To change the width and height — for example, to 300×300 pixels — you’d use this shortcode:

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/hBFxTlV36Tg” width=300 height=300]

Vine videos are always square, and the minimum Vine embed size is 300×300 pixels. If you define both a width and height, the video will display using the smaller of the two values.

If you don’t add either a width or height, the video will take up the default width allowed by your theme.

Postcard or simple type

You can also set the video to be either postcard or simple type, by adding a type parameter to the shortcode.

Here’s an example of the postcard type:

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/hBFxTlV36Tg” type=”postcard”]

Here’s an example of the simple type, which is the default format if you don’t specify a type:

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/hBFxTlV36Tg” type=”simple”]

For troubleshooting details, visit the Vine support page.

In the meantime, enjoy capturing life’s little moments and sharing them on your site!

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