Cracking the Code: The Ideal Portfolio Allocation [Podcast]



After looking into why low-yield, high-growth stocks matter at retirement and how to find them, we hit an important part of a portfolio: the allocation! Your portfolio allocation explains your returns and its strengths and weaknesses. Don’t overlook it; make it perfect!

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You’ll Learn

  • Mike returns to Finance 101 by distinguishing between asset allocation and sector allocation. This look back will bring you further.
  • Should income-seeking investors be 100% equities? What would be the perfect asset allocation for them?
  • In previous episodes, Mike highlighted the risks of high-income products like covered calls. The podcaster makes a quick summary of the topic.
  • Mike often suggested retirees make a cash reserve using a bond ladder. What is a bond ladder, and what does it represent regarding allocation?
  • At Dividend Stocks Rock, we believe that investors should not put more than 20% in a single sector. Mike goes over why that number is important and how it protects investors.
  • Some investors could say: “I don’t mind diversification. I’ve been heavy on CDN banks in the last 20 years, which has served me well.” How does diversification bring more money?
  • Are there any sectors to avoid when aiming at income? Why is it key to know what each sector brings?
  • Vero brings up a third type of allocation that many investors might never have considered: low-yield, high-growth stocks vs high-yielders. Why is it important to consider?
  • Which portion should each represent when seeking a balance between income and capital gains?
  • In the end, what’s the perfect allocation?

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In the previous episode, Mike shares 3 main steps to find low-yield, high-growth stocks and reveals his best secrets to find the perfect dividend growers.

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