Canadian Banks Q4 Review [Podcast]


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Was the last quarter of 2021 good for Canadian banks? The bar was surely set high by many analysts, and investors were expecting double-digit dividend growth.

Here’s what REALLY happen, what went wrong, and what went well for all banks, as well as what to expect from the Canadian banks in 2022.

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You’ll Learn

  • The overview of what happened for most Canadian banks this quarter.
  • What can investors expect from Canadian banks in 2022.
  • Why Canadian Western Bank (CWB.TO) has been rated as a sell at Dividend Stocks Rock.
  • Why does Mike dislike Laurentian Bank (LB.TO) so much.
  • How CIBC, TD Bank, BMO, ScotiaBank, Royal Bank and National Bank have performed during Q4.
  • Which banks are on Mike’s Top 3 and why.
  • What to expect in regards to future dividend growth rate.
  • How could rising interests rates affect banks’ business.
  • Should we expect split, merger, or acquisitions from banks?
  • Why are banks’ approaches considered conservative despite the big dividend boosts.

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