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How Sectors and Industries Guide Investors

Sectors and industries help investors understand what they’re buying. That’s a prerequisite for anyone who wants to buy sound investments, observe market turmoil without panicking, act when it’s needed, be successful more often than not with their decisions, and live with a lot les

From Chips to Chatter: Telecoms and Semiconductors Landscape – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

The Communication Services and the Information Technology sectors have significantly evolved in recent years. More specifically, Telecoms and Semiconductors have faced many challenges. What are the pros and cons of these industries? Which companies should investors dive into? What

Canadian Low Yield Stocks Even Retirees Will Like

Discover great Canadian low yield stocks even retirees will like because of their solid growth potential. You’re decades away from retirement? They’re great for you too! None of the usual suspects this time though, no Alimentation Couche-Tard, Canadian National Railway, TFI Interna

A Deep Dive into Groceries and Restaurants: Pros, Cons, Best Stocks – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

How do industries help investors diversify their portfolios? What are the main strengths and weaknesses of the Consumer Discretionary and Cyclical sectors? More specifically, what are the characteristics of the grocery and restaurant subsectors? Learn the pros, cons, and best stock

Favorite Mid-Yielders – January Dividend Income Report

In September of 2017, I received slightly over $100K from my former employer, representing the commuted value of my pension plan. I decided to invest 100% of this money in dividend growth stocks. Each month, I publish my results on those investments. I don’t do this to brag. I do t

Unveiling the Dynamics of Pipelines and Utilities: Pros, Cons, Best Stocks – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

It’s one thing to know the 11 sectors, but it’s another to understand what each subsector does and how you can benefit from it as an investor. This first episode of our subsector series unveils the dynamics of pipelines and four industries of the utility sector. Learn a