Be Prepared for Q4 (Market Review) [Podcast]



September is at our doors, kids are returning to school, and we will soon enter the last quarter of 2023… which promises to be a rollercoaster! Central banks are expected to raise interest rates again. Will this bring us into recession? Let’s review the market together and, most importantly, share how to prepare for what’s coming.

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You’ll Learn

  • High inflation and rising interest rates have been central to most discussions. Mike explains the other things that have impacted the market this year.
  • Higher interest rates seem to be there to stay. But what does it mean for Q4 and beyond?
  • Mike mentioned many times that he thinks a recession is coming. Could it happen as fast as the next few months?
  • Other things that could tint the market include nasty surprises and the heavyweight the tech sector carries to deliver.
  • Some sectors or industries may be affected more by the economic environment. Mike discusses why consumer discretionary, finance, and energy are more exposed.
  • Vero is adding a note of businesses with high debt levels facing challenges. You can see Mike’s analysis of such a situation by downloading the ENB and TC Energy Report.
  • Like in every bad situation, there are also places to hide. This time, you could find shelter in safe and boring companies in consumer staples.
  • Should you have money to invest, there seem to be opportunities in Brookfield Corporation (BN), Telus (T.TO / TU), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), and Home Depot (HD).
  • Mike shares a few key points on how to prepare for Q4.
  • We end the episode with the advantages of having a stock checklist in difficult times.

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