All You Need to Know About the Best Canadian REITs


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They are simple to understand. They pay a generous yield. Many of them also make monthly distributions. REITs have everything to be loved by investors… but you must not fall for the high yield trap! Here is everything you need to know to choose the best Canadian REITs!

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You’ll Learn

  • 02:18 Why are Canadian REITs different from American ones and why do we prefer them?
  • 03:50 How is the Real Estate industry capable of being so stable and why is it interesting for investors?
  • 06:25 Why do REITs’ dividend yield and business model make them the perfect investment for dividend growth investors, and also for retirees?
  • 11:13 REITs actually don’t pay dividends, they pay distributions. What’s the difference and the impact for investors?
  • 13:44 Is it true that REITs are a good hedge against inflation and recession?
  • 18:09 It is important to know that using the regular Payout Ratio is not a good thing to assess the valuation or the dividend safety of REITs. What should you use instead and why?
  • 21:55 How come Mike doesn’t like RioCan (REI.UN.TO) and why there are better choices than Canadian Apartment Properties (CAR.UN.TO)?
  • 26:02 Why high yield REITs like Slate Grocery (SGR.UN.TO), SmartCentre (SRU.UN.TO), Crombie (CRR.UN.TO), Choice Properties (CHP.UN.TO), and CT REIT (CRT.UN.TO) remain safe and what you should be careful about with high yields.
  • 29:23 More about one of Mike’s favorite picks in the Real Estate sector: Canadian NET REIT (NET.UN.V).

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Download the Canadian REITs Booklet for free.

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