A New Home for WordPress.com Courses


We’re excited to announce that our WordPress.com courses are now available at wordpress.com/learn, with no registration or purchase needed. 

The world-class educational offerings available in the new learning hub include:

  • Get Started
  • Create Your Site
  • Intro to SEO
  • Intro to Blogging
  • Intro to Podcasting

And there are more courses to come! 

This learning hub also provides quick access to our live webinars (and replays) where you can join us for demonstrations, instructions, and Q&As. Get registered today for our March sessions:

  • Site Editing: Custom Headers
  • Site Editor vs. Page Editor: Editing your entire site in WordPress
  • Compelling Homepages: Custom layouts using the WordPress block editor

Be sure to check the webinars page each month for new topics.

Finally, wordpress.com/learn allows for one-click access to our support documentation, forums, and YouTube channel. 

It’s worth repeating: there’s no registration or login required to view any of our materials! It’s as easy as clicking the button below to get started today. 

Start Learning!

There’s never been a better time to learn the ins and outs of creating a new site, blogging like a boss, podcasting like a pro, and optimizing your content! Join us at wordpress.com/learn to get started on the path towards pursuing your dreams. 

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